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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SNEAK PEEKS galore.... What we've seen thus far!!!

We've seen three sets of SNEAK PEEKS of the brand new scrapbooking and paper crafting line, Anthology by Lisa Bearnson.  Here are the beautiful peeks we've been drooling over so far.
D-Ring albums

Such a TEASE!

Beautiful cardstocks...

Twine, labels, and SO much more!

A magnetic enclosure....

This charm hangs from the cream faux leather BAG that is EXCLUSIVE to the ANTHOLOGY CEO kit!!!  You will be seeing this converted into a NECKLACE by myself!
BEAUTIFUL book-style storage...
... with embellishments GALORE!

Recipe cards offer ideas

Create 20 adorable cards...

The Hangin' Around Card Kit! 

The Make 'n' Shake Card Kit
   We have been so EXCITED about the LAUNCH which is expected in only a couple of weeks.... we also learned last week that there will be THREE, yes 3, KITS PER MONTH!!!!!!  And ONE of those kits will be a CARD kit!  Yes, card makers, Lisa has been creating kits for YOU as well!  
    BTW, if you want to get the Make 'n' Shake Card Kit, you will want to purchase the Anthology CEO KIT, as it is one of the CEO kit EXCLUSIVES!!!
   Tomorrow is Thursday, which means MORE SNEAK PEEKS!  Every MONDAY & THURSDAY will find me drooling over the newest SNEAK PEEKS until LAUNCH!!!  
     If you would like to purchase Anthology products at WHOLESALE prices, please contact me at  , or call me at (231) 845-2906  and I can have YOU signed up as a Preferred Customer for FREE, or as a Distributor for only $25,  within mere minutes! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


   We were given our FIRST SNEAK PEEKS yesterday, and LISA shared A LOT MORE today during our MEMORY KEEPING CALL/WEBINAR, which you can watch by following the link below: 

      TODAY'S call ARCHIVED at:

Kit tease....


      My little heart is getting a work out this week, with all the EXCITEMENT about the upcoming LAUNCH!!!!!!  Be sure to join my ANTHOLOGY FB page:  

And also put your name down for interest in PRODUCT updates, by going to the FILES tab on that page, then into DOCUMENTS to add your name to the various lists (FOLLOWING ALBUMS 2015, FOLLOWING SCRAPBOOK KITS 2015, FOLLOWING CARD KITS, etc.).
       Email me at or call me at 231-845-2906 and ask me how YOU can have your own FREE company replicated STORE, which is active within 24-48 hours of your signing up as a $25 Distributor or CEO of your own business!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Maniac Monday

    Wow!  What a busy, exciting, frustrating, and fun weekend we had!  Saturday was one of our busiest days we've had as a family so far this year, and actually, in quite a while.  Wesley had a soccer game during a down pour, with our area receiving 0.80 inches of rain that day, when 0.10 is average for our area (according to a local newscast).  Soaked to the bone, he was still very excited about the Cub Scout activities planned for the rest of the day.
     We were planning to camp out with the Cub Scouts for our first and last time Saturday.  Wesley is a new scout, and was going through the ceremony that night to move into Boy Scouts.  Did I tell you it RAINED???  
    After frantically shopping for an appropriate sized tent that the 3 of us, plus my best buddy Dakota, could be comfy in, and that also met up to the hubby's standards, it was SOLD OUT by the time I went to order it the next day.  The website crashing during my order process didn't help my nerves either lol.  Web search again a few days later.... found it back in stock and ordered it along with an LED lantern, "tandem" 2 person sleeping bag, etc etc... A week or so later, driving out of town to pick up the tent, battling the rain schedule to apply additional
    Back to Saturday.  We anxiously watched the rain continue, monitored the radar and decided that the tent/camping adventure wasn't meant to happen for us, at least not that day.  The temperatures dropped into the low 40s overnight, and that along with the mushy/muddy ground at the camp site and rain until 8 pm that night clinched the decision.  As far as we know, only those with campers stayed overnight.  After having a wonderful camp and pot luck style dinner, the "Cross Over" ceremony took place, and we proudly watched Wesley receive yet ANOTHER belt loop for yet another accomplishment and walked across the bridge, into Boy Scouts.  He is the ONLY Webelo from the pack who is continuing on to Boy Scouts.
     To help lessen his disappointment over not camping out, I asked Michael if we could set up 'camp' in our living room again (we did this last year when it was too cold, and the two guys did it when we received the tandem sleeping bag the other day).  After leaving him at the camp site to play with a friend for a while, Michael went back to pick him up, and Wesley returned to find that I had completed setting up  'camp', including the Jiffy Pop popcorn awaiting him, as planned for our camp out.  Instead of staying at the camp ground to watch a movie with the scouts (outdoors), we much more comfortably rented a movie about the creator of the first computer.   Instead of falling asleep beneath the stars, the guys slipped off to sleep while I finished the movie, all of us in our soft, warm beds we created with the blow up beds and our sleeping bags, all in a toasty warm house lol.
     Sunday found us waking up in warmth, and Michael had Wesley step outdoors in his pjs, to see what it would have been like if we had stayed at the camp ground.  He doesn't think Wesley even took more than a couple of steps before running back in lol.  At around 11:30 I asked Michael if we were going to our niece's graduation party after all (we didn't know if we'd make it before), and he said he had forgotten all about it amongst the worries of camping with the scouts.  We left quickly and made it about 15 minutes before it officially ended, but stayed for a couple more hours, catching up with his family members and meeting our other niece's fiance.
     Today found me off to my optometrist for my over due check up and need of new lenses, as usual.  The cost of lenses alone is astronomical these days, but I need them, and I don't want to have Lasik surgery until after...... wait for it.... I have cataracts removed in a few years.  Yep.  Happy, happy, joy, joy..... I was hoping that if at all, it would be a while before I got them.  More wonderful medical news to share with the extended family, since I don't know of any of us on either side of the family who has had them done yet.  
     The busy weekend caught up to me after I came home (with dilated eyes as well... yucky).  I crashed while Michael and Wesley went to soccer practice.  Therefore this is my maniac Monday.  Catching up on laundry and chores...
    How was YOUR weekend??? 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Focus Friday

    Another little 'something new' for me to try... today I'd like to focus on the CONTINUED GROWTH of Youngevity, as it acquires more and more companies, allowing us to easily find, buy, and use over 2,500 products!
     I was told earlier this month that Youngevity (Ygy) had already acquired 7 companies this calendar year.  Yesterday it was announced that yet another company has been added.  Mialisia, another jewelry company, will soon be part of my store!
     I've been doing some financial research on Ygy, and it is growing like WILDFIRE. Last year it had a growth of 48% , while many others had negative growth.  The reports I read stated that it grew from $86 Million to $134 Million last year alone!
     So... that is yet another reason why I am 'investing' in my family, expanding my business with "Anthology by Lisa Bearnson".  I originally signed up as a distributor because I LOVE what Lisa has done in the past, and I TRUST her judgement.  During her May 2nd business gathering, (link listed below) she stated that she had been approached by SEVERAL companies over the years, asking her to put her name on a product, but they never 'felt right'..... until she met with the people from Youngevity, listened to their philosophy, and realized that she could help her own family and friends reach health and financial goals through this business relationship.
   Here are a few links that I have been researching and wanted to share with my family and friends, to help them realize the OPPORTUNITIES available for us as distributors of Youngevity, Anthology and so many other brands and products.  
             This is a (non-professional) version of the business opportunity presentation that Lisa and others presented on NSD (National Scrapbooking Day), May 2nd.  The first few minutes are vital, as she shares WHY she finally put her name on a product.  Then, if you choose, you can skip to approximately 1 hour 10 minutes, where JERRY (Millionaire business man) who now not only takes the 90ForLife supplements that I take but, along with his wife, has had amazing results.  He is now also a distributor and INVESTOR in the company.  After researching the company, he says it's a 'SURE THING'.  
      If Youngevity is good enough for Lisa Bearnson AND a millionaire business man, it's good enough for me!  And I KNOW that the products are already helping me with less daily pain.
     PLEASE, family and friends, seriously look into this and contact me so I can help YOU succeed and be healthier as well.
                 Dale Rose Stream   231-845-2906

Thursday, May 28, 2015

TBT... some earlier kits presented by Lisa Bearnson

     This is one of my first attempts at a TBT (Throw Back Thursday) post.  And yes, I'm still learning cyber abbreviations lol.  I thought that I would share some of my previous layouts that I created utilizing kits that Lisa Bearnson presented on HSN over the past couple of years.
      I love how this black and white layout works so well with most of the colors in these two pages, especially Dakota's thick, beautiful black, gray and white coat, as well as some of the winter wear and sleds used during the sledding part!  On the left page and the lower right page,  I dry embossed some swirls/flourishes to help carry out the snowy weather theme.


       The top of these two photos is the page kit as it came.  I've been mixing and matching a lot over the past several years.  Above,  I replaced the light blue with darker blue cardstock as the base, to match some of the colors in my photos, specifically the birthday boy's winter coat... I also left out the striped borders as well. 

     This layout is somewhat a mirror/upside down reflection of the suggested layout.  The 3 photo frames are on my lower right page, theirs are on the upper left, and so on.  Again, the colors of this layout kit went well with the photos, as we had a Star Wars themed party this year!    
     The 3 layouts above documented the long and fun packed day of Wesley's sledding birthday party.  Yes, Dakota enjoyed it as well!

      When I saw the colors in this kit, along with the layout suggested, I knew it would work really well these photos!  Again, the black, gray and white draw attention to Dakota's coat, but Wesley wears a LOT of blue, which until this past year, was his favorite color.  In this case, he was wearing black, gray and red, but his mini dirt bike is blue...  I love to scrap not only by theme, but by color! 
     I love to document how Wesley & I (and yes, Dakota too) spend our summers together.  On weekends, Wesley has a lot of what I used to call "Daddy dates", and now refer to as "Guy time".  Michael works a lot of hours, especially spring through summer, including 5-6 hours on Saturdays, because it is his busy season at work.  Once he gets home on Saturday, if the weather is right, they usually take off to the State Park or other local spot for MAJOR bike rides (which I can't do lol), fly kites next to Lake Michigan, etc.  Therefore, I have several "me and my dad" and "me and my mom" mini albums.  These 12" pages will have to go into a different album.

      You will see bits and pieces of this 3 Birds "All About Fall" kit in the 2 page layout below, again mixed with another Top Pages kit!  Both kits even have chipboard.

     These are some of the pages that I completed or started during one of our local Crop For A Cure, a 12 hour crop that we have twice a year in one of our local churches.  I apologize for the glare on some of the photos above.   Hurrying to get things photographed while trying to catch up on household chores is not a good thing lol.

      This kit ended up being used on TWO different layouts already!  Immediately below you will see a two page spread that I tried to complete, covering two different days and topics, because of the colors. Ultimately, the mint green still called out to be only used on the ice cream layout because of my mint chocolate chip blizzard, and the pink/purple ended up on the separate layout about my studio pellet stove.

      I ended up converting my photos to b/w because of Wesley's sweater, but still wanted to use the mint embellishments.  I NEEDED (lol) to include that adorable photo of Dakota enjoying our trip to Dairy Queen, therefore it became part of a second page of that layout. 

          Wow, those covered a fair amount of time, both in the events, and the time period over which they were scrapped.  I think I may be doing this on a regular basis.  Have a wonderful TBT!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My new venture with Anthology by Lisa Bearnson, and Youngevity products.


     With one local event on the records, and a busy summer ahead with ( a surprisingly EARLY Memorial Weekend this weekend, our son's cub scout campout next weekend, the end of the school year with all it's activities, graduations, etc.,   I will be trying to fit in progress on my little home based business.
     Merging and/or expanding fb pages, updating my blog, contacting friends and family as well as the public in order to tell them of the wonderful opportunites with Anthology, as well as the Health and Wellness benefits of the 90ForLife products that we are now utilizing, wow... it's a bit overwhelming.  Thankfully, there are SO many people in the Anthology/Youngevity FAMILY, yes, it feels like family, who WANT to HELP us succeed with this venture and transformation!!!
     Speaking of transformations, I have also signed up for the Healthy Body Challenge, and hope to lose 20 pounds, and rebuild some of the muscle that I have lost from no longer wading upstream for hours a day while streamshocking for Salmon and Trout, or setting and lifting nets every day.  Those nets were loaded with the wonderful bluegill, pumpkinseed, perch, large and smallmouth bass, dog fish, etc that we are so blessed with as part of our natural resources here in Michigan, which I was BLESSED with helping to manage for over 10 years.... How I miss my job with Fisheries Division. 
     But as people say, one door closes (my former relationship with a beloved scrapbooking and paper crafting manufacturer) and another one opens.... the new relationship with Anthology by Lisa Bearnson and Youngevity's family of products.
    Okay, am I getting a bit too sentimental?  Oh well, that's me.  What can I say?  I'm a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and SCRAPBOOKER.
    If you would like to learn more about Anthology by Lisa Bearnson or Youngevity, please contact me at:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm part of Team LISA, ANTHOLOGY & Youngevity!

     Lisa Bearnson has teamed with Youngevity, the 'Amazon of Direct Sales', and for the first time, is adding her name to a line of scrapbooking products!  This was in the works for over a year, and we are expecting to have the product line launch the first week of August. 
     My gal pal, Chasity Sivanik, formerly with 3 Birds, was my referral, and Lisa's son Kade Bearnson is our upline!  I was able to talk to Kade to sign up as a distributor, and LISA CALLED ME (twice... I was half asleep the first night lol) to welcome me to the team!

     This past Saturday was my first public event as a new distributor for Anthology and Youngevity, during the 12 hour Crop For A Cure in my home town.  It was a great day, as always, with a lot of scrapbooking, stamping, and socializing going on all day!

     If you know anyone who would like to benefit from the Health & Wellness Products, such as the 90ForLife supplements that my family is now taking daily (I have already found some relief of my daily Fibromyalgia pain in my shoulders and neck), scrapbooking and memory keeping products, along with over 2,000 other products offered by Youngevity, please contact me at:
             or on my Anthology fb page: