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Monday, October 5, 2015

Scrapbooking CELEBRITIES, national CELEBRITIES, & Youngevity CELEBRITIES... oh MY!

     Lisa Bearnson, founding editor of Creating Keepsakes magazine, launched her own brand this summer!  She joined the Youngevity 'family' of brands because of the standards and ideals of the company, and because this affiliation creates wonderful opportunities for so many others.

     Wendy McGee, our Team Lisa Trainer, came into Youngevity when it acquired Heritage Makers, a digital scrapbooking line. This amazing lady does SO much for Team Lisa, and we cannot thank her enough!  It seems like she has doubled the 24 hours in a day.

     Actress, producer & author, Marilu Henner, is one of many nationally known celebritities who are Youngevity Ambassadors.  She shared the story of losing her father & mother to health issues which many Youngevity distributors have survived.  Like me, she wishes she had known about the amazing Youngevity products which would have greatly improved our parents' and other family members' health.  Her story:

     Drew Pearson, former Dallas Cowboy, continues to maintain his high standard of health, to the point that people stop him in the airport and say "Good luck on your game on Sunday!"  In Drew's own words, "They still think I'm PLAYING!"  BTW, he's in his SIXTIES!

     Theo Ratliff, NBA star, has endorsed Rebound fx, a nutrient-rich sports and energy drink, which our son drinks during and after each soccer game.  It is SO much healthier for us than leading sports and energy drinks, such as Gatorade. Go ahead and read the labels!

     Now back to the man who STARTED all of this, Doctor Joel Wallach.    This summer he received a Lifetime Achievement award during the Global Official of Dignity Awards in New York

     Family and friends, please look into what Doctor Wallach's products can do for YOUR health and wellness.   Feel free to ask me ANYTHING about which products I've been using, which have allowed me to stop taking my daily Lyrica, as well as losing 20+ lbs this summer!!!  You can read my story (under the FILES tab) here:  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Getting my scrapbooking groove on with Anthology products!

     I've returned from my first Summit, and met SO many wonderful people and heard SO many stories of LIFE-CHANGING health results.... now it's time to play with scrapbooking goodies again, as I document some of the wonderful experiences OUR family has had as a result of my Youngevity Distributorship.
     One of the first goals I had set for myself was to be able to buy a larger dirt bike, a golf cart, or similar item for Wesley, to help keep him entertained this summer.  I mentioned this to a family member during the graduation party of our niece,  & they said "We have one for sale!"
     I cannot believe that I managed to keep it a secret from Wesley.  Michael had no problem, but I was so excited that we were able to do this for him, and that MY income paid for it!
      He has enjoyed his time buzzing around the house this summer and into fall, and I can now do more 'My new ride' layouts for him!  I also have enough photos of his various 'rides' through the years that I can easily do a THEN & NOW or THROUGH THE YEARS layout or mini album.  I cannot wait to see what we can purchase for him within the next year or two!
     If YOU would like to join me in this wonderful adventure, simply go to and click JOIN in the upper right corner of the page, or visit me at, and I'd be glad to get you started.  It only takes a few minutes to get YOUR FREE company replicated & maintained site started.

More memories from my trip to Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina

     I not only got to meet Lisa Bearnson, after speaking with her on the phone a few times, and having a live webinar with her a while ago, but I also met our Team Lisa Trainer, Wendy McGee and SO many other amazing people during my trip to Summit.
     I was lucky enough to be able to room with Carol Parker & Jana Darrington, two Team Lisa members, plus Julie Zwart, an amazing woman who has inspired so many of us by sharing her health story on our Wellness Warriorz pages.
Carol, Wendy & I during the Memory Keeping Event
  Yet another sweet new friend, Elaine G. Urban, during the Memory Keeping Event.
                 I LOVE Elaine's Heritage Makers bags, especially the smaller one!  They may be discontinuing them, so if you would like one, order quickly!   
      Simply go to then go to PHOTO GIFTS,
and look for the BITTY BRAG BAG.  We also have FREE PHOTO STORAGE on our Heritage Makers website.  Get yours by creating an account, then look for PHOTO STORAGE on your 'my account' page.
 Carol Parker & Jana Darrington, during our Rank Recognitions

Lunch with several new Youngevity friends, in the Meridian's restaurant.
Sanjeev Javia, Coach of the Healthy Body Challenge, paid us a surprise visit during lunch.  Easy on the eyes, isn't he!

Myself with Julie Zwart & Jana Darrington
     If YOU would like to go to these events and work with so many amazing people, simply go to and click JOIN in the upper right corner of the page!  I have a LOT more to share with you.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

So many blessings.... attending Youngevity Summit & meeting Team Lisa members

     What a whirlwind this past week has been!  After two very uncomfortable flights on very small planes (aka "puddle jumpers"), I learned so much and met SO many wonderful, caring people.
     My first day was spent at the Memory Keeping Event, with presentations and make and take projects from Anthology by Lisa Bearnson, Heritage Makers and Our Memories For Life.
      I had the wonderful experience of meeting Lisa as well as Wendy McGee, with presentations also done by Stacy Croninger.  Unfortunately, Rhonda Anderson was unable to attend due to illness.
  During Lisa's make and take, she also showed us the many items which make up the Anthology CEO kit, the 3 August kits, and the 3 September kits, including the "Hangin' Around" card kit, which is simply adorable.

BeaUtiful samples of one of the many 2 page layout kits... I LOVE the colors and variety of layouts.
   During part of the Memory Keeping Event, Wendy McGee, our Team Lisa Trainer, sat with my roommate Carol Parker (left) and I, and later invited us to have lunch with her.... uh, YES, please!  We went to a local restaurant, with wonderful food and great prices as well!  I was only able to eat 1/4 of my chicken pot pie, seen in the above photo.  That is the best chicken I've eaten in years.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SNEAK PEEKS galore.... What we've seen thus far!!!

We've seen three sets of SNEAK PEEKS of the brand new scrapbooking and paper crafting line, Anthology by Lisa Bearnson.  Here are the beautiful peeks we've been drooling over so far.
D-Ring albums

Such a TEASE!

Beautiful cardstocks...

Twine, labels, and SO much more!

A magnetic enclosure....

This charm hangs from the cream faux leather BAG that is EXCLUSIVE to the ANTHOLOGY CEO kit!!!  You will be seeing this converted into a NECKLACE by myself!
BEAUTIFUL book-style storage...
... with embellishments GALORE!

Recipe cards offer ideas

Create 20 adorable cards...

The Hangin' Around Card Kit! 

The Make 'n' Shake Card Kit
   We have been so EXCITED about the LAUNCH which is expected in only a couple of weeks.... we also learned last week that there will be THREE, yes 3, KITS PER MONTH!!!!!!  And ONE of those kits will be a CARD kit!  Yes, card makers, Lisa has been creating kits for YOU as well!  
    BTW, if you want to get the Make 'n' Shake Card Kit, you will want to purchase the Anthology CEO KIT, as it is one of the CEO kit EXCLUSIVES!!!
   Tomorrow is Thursday, which means MORE SNEAK PEEKS!  Every MONDAY & THURSDAY will find me drooling over the newest SNEAK PEEKS until LAUNCH!!!  
     If you would like to purchase Anthology products at WHOLESALE prices, please contact me at  , or call me at (231) 845-2906  and I can have YOU signed up as a Preferred Customer for FREE, or as a Distributor for only $25,  within mere minutes! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


   We were given our FIRST SNEAK PEEKS yesterday, and LISA shared A LOT MORE today during our MEMORY KEEPING CALL/WEBINAR, which you can watch by following the link below: 

      TODAY'S call ARCHIVED at:

Kit tease....


      My little heart is getting a work out this week, with all the EXCITEMENT about the upcoming LAUNCH!!!!!!  Be sure to join my ANTHOLOGY FB page:  

And also put your name down for interest in PRODUCT updates, by going to the FILES tab on that page, then into DOCUMENTS to add your name to the various lists (FOLLOWING ALBUMS 2015, FOLLOWING SCRAPBOOK KITS 2015, FOLLOWING CARD KITS, etc.).
       Email me at or call me at 231-845-2906 and ask me how YOU can have your own FREE company replicated STORE, which is active within 24-48 hours of your signing up as a $25 Distributor or CEO of your own business!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Maniac Monday

    Wow!  What a busy, exciting, frustrating, and fun weekend we had!  Saturday was one of our busiest days we've had as a family so far this year, and actually, in quite a while.  Wesley had a soccer game during a down pour, with our area receiving 0.80 inches of rain that day, when 0.10 is average for our area (according to a local newscast).  Soaked to the bone, he was still very excited about the Cub Scout activities planned for the rest of the day.
     We were planning to camp out with the Cub Scouts for our first and last time Saturday.  Wesley is a new scout, and was going through the ceremony that night to move into Boy Scouts.  Did I tell you it RAINED???  
    After frantically shopping for an appropriate sized tent that the 3 of us, plus my best buddy Dakota, could be comfy in, and that also met up to the hubby's standards, it was SOLD OUT by the time I went to order it the next day.  The website crashing during my order process didn't help my nerves either lol.  Web search again a few days later.... found it back in stock and ordered it along with an LED lantern, "tandem" 2 person sleeping bag, etc etc... A week or so later, driving out of town to pick up the tent, battling the rain schedule to apply additional
    Back to Saturday.  We anxiously watched the rain continue, monitored the radar and decided that the tent/camping adventure wasn't meant to happen for us, at least not that day.  The temperatures dropped into the low 40s overnight, and that along with the mushy/muddy ground at the camp site and rain until 8 pm that night clinched the decision.  As far as we know, only those with campers stayed overnight.  After having a wonderful camp and pot luck style dinner, the "Cross Over" ceremony took place, and we proudly watched Wesley receive yet ANOTHER belt loop for yet another accomplishment and walked across the bridge, into Boy Scouts.  He is the ONLY Webelo from the pack who is continuing on to Boy Scouts.
     To help lessen his disappointment over not camping out, I asked Michael if we could set up 'camp' in our living room again (we did this last year when it was too cold, and the two guys did it when we received the tandem sleeping bag the other day).  After leaving him at the camp site to play with a friend for a while, Michael went back to pick him up, and Wesley returned to find that I had completed setting up  'camp', including the Jiffy Pop popcorn awaiting him, as planned for our camp out.  Instead of staying at the camp ground to watch a movie with the scouts (outdoors), we much more comfortably rented a movie about the creator of the first computer.   Instead of falling asleep beneath the stars, the guys slipped off to sleep while I finished the movie, all of us in our soft, warm beds we created with the blow up beds and our sleeping bags, all in a toasty warm house lol.
     Sunday found us waking up in warmth, and Michael had Wesley step outdoors in his pjs, to see what it would have been like if we had stayed at the camp ground.  He doesn't think Wesley even took more than a couple of steps before running back in lol.  At around 11:30 I asked Michael if we were going to our niece's graduation party after all (we didn't know if we'd make it before), and he said he had forgotten all about it amongst the worries of camping with the scouts.  We left quickly and made it about 15 minutes before it officially ended, but stayed for a couple more hours, catching up with his family members and meeting our other niece's fiance.
     Today found me off to my optometrist for my over due check up and need of new lenses, as usual.  The cost of lenses alone is astronomical these days, but I need them, and I don't want to have Lasik surgery until after...... wait for it.... I have cataracts removed in a few years.  Yep.  Happy, happy, joy, joy..... I was hoping that if at all, it would be a while before I got them.  More wonderful medical news to share with the extended family, since I don't know of any of us on either side of the family who has had them done yet.  
     The busy weekend caught up to me after I came home (with dilated eyes as well... yucky).  I crashed while Michael and Wesley went to soccer practice.  Therefore this is my maniac Monday.  Catching up on laundry and chores...
    How was YOUR weekend???